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A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
This owner/manager has a total of 31 violations which is 1.03 violations per unit for their entire portfolio.
That is worse than the city average, which is 0.59 violations per unit.
5Class A
Non-Hazardous violations (i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building)
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14Class B
Hazardous violations (i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting)
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12Class C
Immediately Hazardous (i.e. rodents, inadequate heat or hot water)
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Approval DateDescriptionCurrent Status
2022-02-16(a) � hmc:file annual bedbug report in accordance with hpd rule as described on the back of this notice of violation or as described on hpd?s website, www.nyc.gov\hpd, search bed bugs.Nov sent out
2019-10-30Section 27-2005 adm code refit does not close properly in the entrance located at apt 9, 3rd story, 1st apartment from north at eastInvalid certification
2019-05-28Section 27-2005 adm code properly repair the broken or defective counter balance at lower sash window in the kitchen located at apt 9, 3rd story, 1st apartment from east at southNov sent out
2019-05-07Section 53, 187, 231 m/d law and department rules and regulations. provide a shoe properly secured to bottom of string of dropladder 1st from north building front at fire escapeNov sent out
2018-08-16Section 300 m/d law file plans and application and legalize the following alteration or restore to the legal condition existing prior to the making of said alteration drop ceiling ( accoutic material) in the 1st room from east located at apt 7, 3rd story, 1st apartment from north at eastNot complied with

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60% of renters recommend this building

60% of renters approve of this owner

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95% of renters received their security deposits back
It HAS NOT been reported if this building accepts electronic rent payments.


Great place—super can be a bit intense

Former Tenant
Cozy building, right next to a park The newly renovated apartments are nice
Lobby and stairwell are typically somewhat dirty Super is very intense about how you divide up trash and recycling, to the point of making you get down on the street and sort them out by hand out of bags you’ve already tied
Advice to owner:
Deep clean stairwell

Bad management

Former Tenant
Neighbors are nice and park across the street
Landlord harassment and intimidation. Doesn’t listen and is unreasonable. False accusations regarding guests and constant threats with verbalized intentions to tenants to move out if you don’t like it. Potential violations of tenant rights.

Abuse and harassment from landlord and super

Former Tenant
Proximity to local markets, restaurants, public transit
Harassment from landlord and super over the course of one year of living there leading to me feeling like I had to leave: - harassment of guests especially my Black friends who I invited over, judgment towards tenants who invite their friends or family over, landlord harassed my parent as they came to my apartment to pick up some presents and threatened to terminate my lease for having them over - lack of interest in addressing debris in apartment from construction of nearby unit super's constant harassment over recycling and trash, including him knocking on my door after midnight to chastise my unit about a recycling mistake we made - super threatened to kick me out of the building because he didn't recognize me one day even though I had lived there for weeks at that point, even though I presented my lease and ID to him - Constant issue with pests like roaches, but landlord will not take responsibility for fumigation - Not possible to sublease apartment or room if leaving town
Advice to owner:
Please review tenant/landlord law and rethink what is appropriate behavior with your tenants. My experience living here was filled with highly inappropriate behavior from you and your staff.