NYC Buildings
Crown Heights
781 Washington Avenue

781 Washington Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11238

60 Units

Built in 1920

6 Floors

Rent Stabilized Units: Unknown
Good Cause Eviction: Yes
Evictions: 1
Litigation History: Yes
1 Year Bedbug History: No
Pet Friendly: Yes
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In the past three years, this building had:
84 complaints
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Open Violations
A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
Duration in the past 10 years.
Data last updated 2 months ago.
0.18 violations per unit
0.81 violation per unit
class A
i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building, unlawful keeping of animals
Apr 26, 2024: § 27-2045 adm code post a proper notice of smoke detector requirements, in a form approved by the commissioner, at or near the mail box [ missing notice ] at public hall
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class B
i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting, no lighting for stairways
Apr 26, 2024: § 27-2005 hmc: properly repair or replace the broken or defective latch at fire door leading to boiler at north at cellar
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Immediately hazardous
class C
i.e. rodents, pest, mold, inadequate heat or hot water, defective building parts
Apr 26, 2024: § 27-2005, 27-2007, 27-2041.1 hmc, §238, § 309; § 107 (2) ( c) mdl and 28 rcny §25-171: replace or repair the self-closing doors that is missing or defective at 2nd fire door from east, hinges, at cellar section north east
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Missing information/filings
class I
Missing or non-compliant with administrative information orders or filings
No violation found...
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Property Owners and Associates
Bpc Management Corp.
47 Properties1050 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 12
Douglas Rosenberg
Head Officer
3 Properties63 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 1
405 Associates
Corporate Owner
40 Properties1283 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 8
Clemens Capital Partners
3 Properties63 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 1
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Reviews (5)

3 weeks ago
Sketchy and overpriced
Former Tenant
Gym, location, locked package room, kind super, space size
Questionable tenants who steal packages, hallway reeking of smoke, cockroaches, expensive/overpriced, echoing hallways that carry noise. The apartment looks nice, but everything cheaply constructed such as uneven flooring and sloppy paint job, door handles that keep falling off
Advice to owner:
Make hallways nicer, stop smokers
2 months ago
Average quality overall but expensive
Former Tenant
- In a renovated unit which has nice appliances, including good AC/heat system - Good amenities (laundry room, gym, elevator) - Great location and good size
- Rent increases are too high - Can get loud, especially on the first floor - I've heard rats in the ceiling - Lots of issues to fix upon move-in but not too many after that - Management doesn't communicate when service people have to visit
5 months ago
Not worth it at all
Former Tenant
Unit itself was recently renovated, but clearly rushed as paint was splotched, floors were uneven, appliances were just not actually installed properly, cabinets were falling, etc. Gym is okay. Roof view is pretty.
Management was absolutely useless. They pretend they'll take care of an issue then a year goes by and they haven't given any updates despite over a dozen attempts at communication. They make promises and smile to your face but never actually follow through with anything. Super has so much attitude with doing anything and plays down any genuine problems you have. He also frequently claims he'll be there to help with something (in the same day) and then just never shows up, even with reminders. He's also just kind of mean. Some of the other neighbors in the building can be nice but so many are just incredibly inconsiderate. Many will just smoking openly in the hallways. The ventilation in this building SUCKS and that smoke will easily slip into the units and you'll be inhaling it from your living room. I've had to make several 311 complaints for this place. Bugs, water issues, secondhand smoke that management won't do anything about. Can't wait till my lease is over.
Advice to owner:
Spend your resources making the building actually hospitable to tenants living there, not just making it look like a superficially pretty place for new ones. Actually communicate and follow through with standard of living improvements.
7 months ago
Nice renovations but incompetent management
Former Tenant
Renovated apartment - Heating and cooling is good - Finishing is good - New gym and office area is nice - FOB into building nice
- No smoking policy not enforced sufficiently, common areas and ventilation stinks - Vents have been broken since move in, about half a year - No ventilation in the hallways - Management incapable of resolving above problems, very unresponsive - Occasional cockroaches - Elevator out of service sometimes (around 6 times past half year)
Advice to owner:
Act on tenant requests, especially smoking and ventilation violations
9 months ago
Luxury Facade Covering Many Issues
Former Tenant
Recent addition of key fob entry, package room, and gym
Multiple issues with leaks, AC, and hot water. Flooring is cheap fake wood that is coming up in many places in the unit. Pests in the walls Dryers often don't dry
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