NYC’s First Rent Stabilization Map

the openigloo team

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So, you requested your rental history. DHCR mailed you the record. Now you’re scratching your head. How do I read this rental history? Am I rent-stabilized? Was my apartment legally deregulated?

NYC landlords are required to self-report rental data to DHCR every year. However, DHCR rarely confirms if the data is accurate, leaving renters on their own to spot any discrepancies. On top of that, rental histories are not public record and only an occupying tenant can request the report.

That’s why we built this Rent Stabilization Map. Together, we can bring transparency to rent-stabilization in NYC:

NYC's First Rent Stabilization Map

Do you think your apartment is stabilized? Fill out the form below, upload your DHCR rental history, and someone from our team will reach out with our assessment.

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