Frequently Asked Questions

What is openigloo?

openigloo is a platform for tenants to find apartments from highly-rated landlords. The platform combines open-source city data with crowdsourced tenant feedback, giving renters an inside look into buildings and property owners. openigloo’s mission is to bring transparency to rental markets.

Are my reviews anonymous? Is my identity protected?

All reviews submitted through the openigloo platform are completely ANONYMOUS. openigloo will NEVER share your personal information. You can read more details in our privacy policy. If you have an inquiry please write to us at

Will my landlord see my review?

It is possible that your landlord will read and/or respond to your review. The review is anonymous and the landlord will not know who submitted it. Make sure you don’t share any identifying details in your review if you are concerned.

Where does openigloo source its data?

All data points presented on openigloo are sourced from NYC Housing Preservation & Development. How frequently is data on openigloo updated? Data presented on openigloo is updated daily and reflects changes made to the original sources on the Housing Preservation & Development Agency website.

I can’t find my address. What does that mean?

You should be able to search for any address in the 5 boroughs. If you’re having trouble with an address, it may be because it is a newly registered building or has an alternative address. If this happens to you, please write us at

I noticed something that is incorrect on the openigloo platform. What can I do?

Send your inquiry to and we’ll investigate asap. You can also flag a review on the app and submit a report to our team.

Is openigloo available in other cities?

You can access reviews and city data for NYC and Boston. Additionally, you can review any address in the United States. Start typing your address in the search bar to get started!

I have never lived in New York, but want to browse building profiles. How can I access the platform without contributing a review?

If you are a first-time renter or don't have a rental experience to share, you can subscribe to openigloo instead. Subscribing to openigloo will give you unlimited access to all reviews and profiles. Get started by searching for an address on openigloo.

I'm a property owner. What can I do about negative reviews on openigloo?

If you believe a review violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, you can flag it by writing us at Our team will give it a second look. If we find that we missed something the first time, we'll take it down. Here are some things to keep in mind about our reviews and how we moderate them:
  • Our members self-certify their relationship with their buildings.
  • We remove reviews when we find evidence of abuse.
  • We don’t take sides in factual or contractual disputes between landlords and reviewers.
  • We generally don't consider evidence offered by someone with a vested interest in getting a review taken down, because we don’t know how reliable it is.
  • We won't tell you who wrote a review.
  • We don't remove buildings or landlords from our platform.
  • And final content decisions are within our sole discretion and we don’t negotiate about them.

Will openigloo remove my building and owner profiles from the platform if I ask?

Because openigloo’s mission is to bring transparency to rental markets, we can't agree to remove your profile from openigloo.