981 Union Avenue, Bronx, NY 10459

25 Units

Built in 1911

5 Floors

1 Year Bedbug History: No
Landlords in NYC are required to file an annual bedbug report with the city and state whether the building has had a bedbug infestation in the past year. We found no recent bedbug reports from these city filings.
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 2
Rent Stabilized Units: Yes
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A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
This building has a total of 13 violations which is 0.52 violations per unit for their entire portfolio.
That is better than the city average, which is 0.59 violations per unit.
2Class A
Non-Hazardous violations (i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building)
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5Class B
Hazardous violations (i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting)
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6Class C
Immediately Hazardous (i.e. rodents, inadequate heat or hot water)
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Approval DateDescriptionCurrent Status
2021-07-02Section 27-2005 adm code repair the broken or defective plastered surfaces and paint in a uniform color at all walls in the 5th room from north located at apt 4c, 4th story, 1st apartment from north at eastFirst no access to re- inspect violation
2020-02-07Section 27-2013 adm code paint with light colored paint to the satisfaction of this department walls and ceilings through-out in the entire apartment located at apt 4a, 4th story, 2nd apartment from east at southFirst no access to re- inspect violation
Property Owners and Associates
Cpe Equities LLC
Corporate Owner

35 Properties

589 Units

Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 26
Cpe Housing Development Fund Company, IN C.

17 Properties

271 Units

Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 15
Craig Livingston
Head Officer

29 Properties

585 Units

Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 39

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60% of renters recommend this building

60% of renters approve of this owner

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95% of renters received their security deposits back
It HAS NOT been reported if this building accepts electronic rent payments.


Pest problems in the apartment and buildings overall

Former Tenant
I just like the apartment cause it’s a lot of r...
The rats/mouse in the apartment that I been ask...
Advice to owner:
Y’all need to take these old radiators out the ...