750 Mace Avenue,
Bronx, NY 10467

57 Units

Built in 1928

6 Floors

Rent Stabilized Units: Yes
Good Cause Evictions: Yes
Evictions: 0
Litigation History: Yes
1 Year Bedbug History: No
Pet Friendly: Unknown
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In the past three years, this building had:
41 complaints
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Open Violations
A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
Duration in the past 10 years.
Data last updated 16 days ago.
0.03 violation per unit
0.81 violation per unit
class A
i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building, unlawful keeping of animals
No violation found...
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class B
i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting, no lighting for stairways
Nov 08, 2023: § 27-2017.3 hmc: trace and repair the source and abate the visible mold condition... (approx. 2 sq. ft) around window frame in the bathroom located at apt 5f, 6th story, 1st apartment from west at north original violation 16094574 issued 07-jul-23 has been upgraded to class b per administrative code §27-2017.3a(3)(a) or (b).
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Immediately hazardous
class C
i.e. rodents, pest, mold, inadequate heat or hot water, defective building parts
Feb 10, 2016: section 27-2005, 2007 adm code remove the illegal fastening consisting of a electromagnetic lockset installed on vestibule door of building , 1st story
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Missing information/filings
class I
Missing or non-compliant with administrative information orders or filings
No violation found...
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Property Owners and Associates
Mace Ave Corp
Corporate Owner
2 Properties97 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 0
181 Realty Corp.
Corporate Owner
34 Properties1288 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 27
Bashkim Celaj
Head Officer
29 Properties1050 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 17
Felipe Maldonado
Site Manager
1 Property57 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 0
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Reviews (1)

Over 2 years ago
754 Mace Ave...Colder inside than it is outside
Former Tenant
The rooms are spacious, the most space you can find in the 5 boroughs most likely...the hardwood floors are original & well-maintained...close to 2 subway stops and numerous buses...close to the botanical garden, the zoo...good pizza, wings & pasta place across the street, good bodega close by that delivers great tortas, walking distance to drugstores, groceries, post office...deli attached to building for last minute items...The super fixes things that come up.
The heat barely came on during the coldest part of the Winter - January, February and March. If the temps were in the teens-thirties, it would barely come on. Just absolutely no heat that's worth a damn when it's freezing out. I had to use 2 space heaters. Now that it's April and consistently in the 40's and 50's, the heat stays coming on broiling us to death. The other nightmare thing is that the heat is steam radiant so there's SO MUCH MOISTURE. Black mold (mildew) cropped up. I had to get a de-humidifier and wash all my clothes with vinegar. to get the mildew out. Just don't move here and save yourself the headache. As side note beware subleasing in this building...opportunistic wannabe slum lords will try to sublease you an illegal 2 bedroom in a legal one-bedroom...the way to tell for sure is to make sure you will always have access to the fire escape in any emergency...and that there is indeed an actual usable common area ie living room...the fire escape cannot have a door to the room nor a lock on the door...the fire escape should be in a common area. The fire escape must always be accessible, as an emergency exit nothing, not nothing, can block it. Also if you sublease be sure to ask how much the actual rent for the whole apartment goes for...make sure the sublease isn't scamming you out of over half the rent. Be careful out here! Avoid S*ndra C. Also for some strange reason mgmt would not let the movers use the elevator when I moved in...they said "it's not a freight elevator"...strange, I was able to move in and out of my old apartment in mnhtn just with the little tiny passenger elevator, everyone was...that building also lacked a freight elevator...just keep that in mind, if you move into a high floor, factor walking up and down all those flights into your move/movers.
Advice to owner:
Fix the heat like it needs a major overhaul.
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