300 Lenox Road,
Brooklyn, NY 11226

76 Units

Built in 1928

6 Floors

Rent Stabilized Units: Yes
Good Cause Eviction: Yes
Evictions: 1
Litigation History: Yes
1 Year Bedbug History: No
Pet Friendly: Unknown
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In the past three years, this building had:
62 complaints
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Open Violations
A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
Duration in the past 10 years.
Data last updated 2 months ago.
0.22 violations per unit
0.81 violation per unit
class A
i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building, unlawful keeping of animals
Jul 27, 2022: section 27-2005 adm code paint metal in accordance with dept. regulation the riser in the bathroom located at apt 2d, 4th story, 1st apartment from north at east
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class B
i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting, no lighting for stairways
Jul 27, 2022: section 27-2005 adm code properly repair the broken or defective counter balance at lower window sash at south wall in the bathroom located at apt 2d, 4th story, 1st apartment from north at east
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Immediately hazardous
class C
i.e. rodents, pest, mold, inadequate heat or hot water, defective building parts
Jul 24, 2022: hmc adm code: � 27-2017.4 abate the infestation consisting of mice in the entire apartment located at apt 2d, 4th story, 1st apartment from north at east
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Missing information/filings
class I
Missing or non-compliant with administrative information orders or filings
No violation found...
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Property Owners and Associates
101 Cooper St. Nyc LLC
Corporate Owner
2 Properties158 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 1
Horizon House CO LLC
Corporate Owner
2 Properties238 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 6
66 W 88 LLC
Corporate Owner
2 Properties124 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 1
1738 U LLC
Corporate Owner
2 Properties149 Units
Litigation History: Yes
Evictions: 4
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Reviews (1)

Over 2 years ago
Lived Here 4 Years
Former Tenant
500 sq ft large one bedroom, lots of windows and light if you’re in the front of the building facing the street. Laundromat across the street. 15 min walk west to Prospect Park. 3 min walk to Winthrop 2/5 station. B44 bus stops across the street. CVS, C Town, and Food Bazaar down the street. Gas and electric not too expensive. The only thing the management takes seriously is a bed bug sighting (my apartment has been searched 4 times by Metro Pest Control). There is a buzzer system that works to buzz people in, but the talk/speaker has never worked. I believe the units are now rent stabilized.
Nostrand Ave is a VERY LOUD STREET. Constant loud traffic at all hours. Groups of people congregate outside between 10-3am most days. Noisy building neighbors. Yelling, stomping, playing instruments, blasting music, birds screeching. Has issues with packages being stolen from the lobby. Live in super is cranky and does a half ass job of everything while complaining to you and swearing. Management (Rosedale Management/ Dan Associates) screens their calls and does not call you back. Recently had recycling bins on every floor taken away and now we have to carry everything into the creepy basement using the elevator that often traps people, and is the only egress from the basement. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors have mice, 4th has lots of cockroaches mainly in summer. Unsure of floors 5 and 6. Apartments have a screwed up numbering system that often creates a problem when trying to get items delivered to the correct floor. Common spaces are dingy, and one or more of the residents has recently taken it upon themselves to “decorate” the lobby and outside grass area and tree with garbage, like old cans, laundry detergent bottles, and the like, they also decorate the lobby with cheap fake flowers, spray painted stencils, a lot of large, dying plants, and a bunch of other items that look like kids’ supplies from a dollar store. Heat works, but the radiators often give off a weird burn smell, and the temperature in the winter averages 73-81+ degrees until I open some windows (this is with the valves turned off). Bathroom pipes are constantly clogging and backing up even if you try to keep the drains clear. Leaks that destroy ceilings or walls are common. Front door is often unsecured and broken (I’ve heard the super say that the drunk who lives on my floor constantly breaks it because he loses his keys). In other words, I would not recommend 300 Lenox Rd.
Advice to owner:
Djuric the super and his family don’t do a good job with maintenance and repairs. It would be nice if there was outside help from professionals who could do a better job. Your management team should be more responsive, and there should be a way to contact them by email. The tenants should also have text and/or email alerts to let us know when things are happening in the building (for example, the super often turns off water to work on something in another apartment, and there is no warning, nor do we know how long it will be off for. Recently some of us were without water in the bathroom for 3 days. The only thing I had was hot water in the kitchen, which was an issue for getting drinking water. It was very frustrating to suddenly not have water and not know when it would come back on). Also mailing in checks is outdated. An online payment method for rent would be much more convenient.
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