196 Lawrence Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11230

6 Units

Built in 1931

3 Floors

Rent Stabilized Units: Yes
Evictions: 0
Litigation History: No
1 Year Bedbug History: No
Pet Friendly: Unknown
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In the past three years, this building had:
7 complaints
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Open Violations
A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.
Duration in the past 10 years.
Data last updated a few seconds ago.
0.5 violation per unit
0.81 violation per unit
class A
i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building, unlawful keeping of animals
Feb 22, 2018: section 300 m/d law file plans and application and legalize the following alteration or restore to the legal condition existing prior to the making of said alteration breach in floor with stairs installed creating duplex apartment located at apt 1r, 1st story, 1st apartment from east at south
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class B
i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting, no lighting for stairways
Feb 22, 2018: section 27-2005 adm code properly repair with similar material the broken or defective fire retardent plaster, ceiling throughout cellar
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Immediately hazardous
class C
i.e. rodents, pest, mold, inadequate heat or hot water, defective building parts
Jan 11, 2017: section 27-2005, 2007 adm code remove the illegal fastening a double cylinder key operated lock on security gate leading to rear yard located at apt 1r lower level, 1st story, apartment at south
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Missing information/filings
class I
Missing or non-compliant with administrative information orders or filings
No violation found...
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Property Owners and Associates
B & C Romero
Corporate Owner
1 Property6 Units
Litigation History: No
Evictions: 0
Clare Romero
Site Manager
Head Officer
1 Property6 Units
Litigation History: No
Evictions: 0
Beatriz Romero
1 Property6 Units
Litigation History: No
Evictions: 0
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Reviews (1)

Over 2 years ago
Shiesty Brooklyn Landlord
Former Tenant
Psuedo Super Intendant role played by one of Tenants. Problems eventually get handled as he becomes privvy to them.
Building 2/3 owned by Maria Beatriz Romero and one 1/3 by an LLC comprising of Maria Beatriz (mother) and Clare Romero (daughter). Clare acts as the building Manager. Mother pretends not to speak English to tenants but utility servicemen have had full length English conversations with her. I.E. she simply does not wish to speak to tenants. Building lies on the outskirts of several gentrified areas that are home to luxury highrises; building received cosmetic updates in the early 2000's to ride the Luxury wave to attract hipster/young-people/transplants looking for alternatives to the overpriced newly constructed condos. Illegal alterations were made to some of the units resulting in HPD and DOB outstanding violations and pending housing court proceedings. The building has an open HPD violation going back many decades for a low pressure boiler. More importantly, building was cited for an illegal remote device (likely a timer) controlling the heat/hot water several decades ago. It is likely it was simply wired to another area of the building. The building's heating thermostat has been misaligned for years resulting in full-on high heat during 50° and 60° weather, while remaining off completely when temperatures drop below 40°. Aside from the common areas and the units updated from 2016-present, building windows have not been replaced since the 60's or 70's, as such the gas layer between glass pains has broken. As a result, one cannot see through nor get sunlight through the windows and their insulation has long since deteriorated, leaving freezing cold winter wind gusts to Howell through the units. During the summer time, a timer placed on the boiler limits hot water and good pressure to the late night only. The building is rent stabilized however that is left undisclosed and LL, despite being cited by DHCR for non-compliance, still fails to provide a legally viable NY "Vacancy Lease" as is required by law. If you do not demonstrate knowledge of Housing Laws in NYC, be prepared for LL to request a rent hike despite the annual rulings made by the city housing board. In conjunction with non-disclosure of Rent Stabilization, be prepared for LL to request down payment and security in excess of legally allowed 2 months. The 2nd floor houses a family socially connected to Landlord's south religious community. Their 2 BR unit is occupied by 8-9 individuals including grandmother and many young and teen children packed into tight confined quarters. Consequentially the unit door is left open, religious foreign language piano, guitar and tambourine music rituals occur incrementally from 11am to 1:30am with music played loudly by amplifier and over PA system through out the night. Homeschooled children wrestle, pounce and yell through out the day, small children roll riding toys around until wee hours of the morning this occurs in and outside of the unit. To accommodate her friends, Landlord created an illegal family lounge space in building's basement, more amplified music and complete drum set are played there throughout the afternoon. Due to the religious rituals, said overcrowded unit invites guests over from the outside; consequentially building front security door is left pegged open regularly throughout the day resulting in compromised security for the units, mail and packages. Said noise makers also leave there many baby strollers on the ground level hallway creating a fire Hazzard and and often blocking other tenant doorways. Apartment interconnects for phone and internet are in the backyard which has been made inaccessible through a recent construction. Fire escapes empty into an enclosed backyard with no safe way to get out. Security bars are placed on some building windows but not all. Consequentially, the tenant has difficulty placing air-conditioning units in the windows but does not benefit from the security of the ironwork as some windows are left unbarred. Intercom system is shoty; although recently replaced, the system goes down regularly resulting in tenants having to come downstairs to open. Several of the units had kitchens renovated by unlicensed under experienced professionals, resulting in unintentional piercing of the main wet wall behind the kitchen cabinetry. This is where the mice come in. Tenants learn quickly that if you do not have a cat, you will have mice scurrying about your apt. Recently a unit on the 1st floor was renovated for the first time since the 60's, it resulted in roaches moving through out the building causing infestations.
Advice to owner:
Get a clue and a moral compass. Recognize how your actions and inactions effectuate the lives of the families that live in your building. Recognize the frivolousness in trying to make a quick buck off of unassuming, good natured tenants and begin following NYC housing laws and Building codes. Recognize that you only serve to screw yourself by not providing adequate heat and weatherizing/insulating the units in your building. Check in on your tenants to ensure they're receiving what they need from you as effortlessly as you receive rent from them. If/when mistakes were made in the past regarding housing/unit alterations and the legal process, admit your mistakes, have a grown conversation with the parties and come to a fair agreement rather than letting your pride beat a dead horse.
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