37-50 76 Street, Queens, NY 11372

63 Units

Built in 1974

6 Floors

1 year bedbug history: no
Litigation history: yes
Evictions: 1


A violation is issued to a building when a city inspector from NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development validates and confirms a complaint made to 311. The violations listed below are open violations that have yet to be addressed or have not been confirmed as resolved by the city.

62 violations over 63 units

5Class A
Non-Hazardous violations (i.e. no peephole on a door, or no street # on the building)
47Class B
Hazardous violations (i.e. smoke detector issues, inadequate lighting)
Immediately hazardous
10Class C
Immediately Hazardous (i.e. rodents, inadequate heat or hot water)
Approval DateDescriptionCurrent Status
2021-02-13Section 27-2013 adm code paint with light colored paint to the satisfaction of this department all peeling paint surfaces in the bathroom located at apt 3c, 3rd story, 2nd apartment from south at westOpen
2021-01-17Section 27-2043 adm code provide a lock and key to the entrance door of dwelling unit and, if a cl a multiple dwelling, also a chain-guard for door in the entrance located at apt 3g, 4th story, 4th apartment from north at eastOpen
2020-12-15Section 300 m/d law file plans and application and legalize the following alteration or restore to the legal condition existing prior to the making of said alteration consisting of accoustic drop ceiling at street level public hallOpen
2020-01-11Section 27-2005 adm code repair the broken or defective plastered surfaces and paint in a uniform color at south wall near window in the 1st bedroom from east located at apt 3a, 3rd story, 3rd apartment from south at westOpen
2018-11-05Section 27-2005 adm code refit door at south wall in the 1st room from north at east located at apt 2d, 2nd story, 1st apartment from north at eastOpen

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Rents and Deposits

95% of renters received their safety deposits back


NO reported rent-stabilized units in this building.


COVID-19 Measures



It has been reported that this building's property owner DID NOT implement new sanitation measures in response to COVID-19.

Rent Flexibility

rent flexibility

It has been reported that this building's property owner DID NOT offer flexible rent arrangements due to the economic stress caused by COVID-19.


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