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95% of renters received their security deposits back
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Loud but Nice
Former Tenant
Subway shakes the apartment but (c) openigloo in an endearing way.
Thin walls between the living (c) openigloo rooms.
Great place to live!
Former Tenant
Loved everything about the building (c) openigloo - was a phenomenal place (c) openigloo to live with an amazing (c) openigloo landlord who looked out for (c) openigloo us whenever possible!
Nothing to say!
a fine enough place to live
Former Tenant
nice land lady! edit she sold (c) openigloo the building to new company (c) openigloo and they are annoying, unresponsive (c) openigloo and jacked up my rent (c) openigloo an insane degree so I (c) openigloo moved. they tried to keep (c) openigloo my entire security deposit for (c) openigloo dubious reasons but gave it (c) openigloo back when we pointed out (c) openigloo how absurd they being and (c) openigloo told them we would take (c) openigloo them to court and win. (c) openigloo and they knee it too. (c) openigloo don’t let them screw you (c) openigloo like this too if you (c) openigloo are reading this
sound proofing could be better, (c) openigloo dated furnishings, no sunlight, too (c) openigloo expensive, soulless corporate landlord
Advice to owner:
don’t jack the rent up by thousands of dollars and people might not want to move out. your “portal” sucks
Not Worth It
Former Tenant
-roof access -washer dryer in unit -decent (c) openigloo light in bedrooms
-walk up -no one sent an (c) openigloo exterminator after a few occasions (c) openigloo of roaches -LEAKS, significant leaking when (c) openigloo it rains -dryer issues -dishwasher issues -gas leaking -broken (c) openigloo blinds -buzzer issues
Sweet Place to Live
Former Tenant
Loved the rooftop patio, the (c) openigloo neighbors, and the kind owner.
It would get cold in (c) openigloo the winter.