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60% of renters recommend this building

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95% of renters received their security deposits back
It HAS NOT been reported if this building accepts electronic rent payments.


Rent Law Violator
Former Tenant
Location on Lower East Side Proximity (c) openigloo to subway, restaurants, grocery, etc.
Building owner has "warehoused" apartments (c) openigloo and illegally raised the rent (c) openigloo of rent-stabilized units to remove (c) openigloo them from rent stabilization. One tenant (c) openigloo says landlord illegally sent inspector (c) openigloo into his apartment to take (c) openigloo photos
Advice to owner:
Stop breaking the law
LOVE!! Best place
Former Tenant
Nice, flexible, clean, helpful. The (c) openigloo best place I lived in (c) openigloo Manhattan by a long shot. (c) openigloo amazing super and fast responses
Loud location- lots of traffic (c) openigloo in the morning and evening (c) openigloo and honking!
Good work but more needed
Former Tenant
Lobby has been remodeled and (c) openigloo finally a front door buzzer (c) openigloo has been installed
the walls in the hall (c) openigloo outside the apartment on each (c) openigloo floor need to be refinished (c) openigloo and repainted
Advice to owner:
Stop illegally removing apartments from rent stabilization