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95% of renters received their security deposits back
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Clean, well maintained building but semi sketch neighborhood
Former Tenant
Clean Pest management Generally quiet neighbors
Paying gas for heat and (c) openigloo hot water is more expensive (c) openigloo than anticipated. And units are (c) openigloo not as weather proof as (c) openigloo they seem.
Nice Location in LES
Former Tenant
Great location, right in front (c) openigloo of the subway.
There were roaches
Clean, tidy and well maintained walk up building
Former Tenant
Really surprised by the upkeep (c) openigloo of the building and units. (c) openigloo I’m only here for a (c) openigloo month but appreciate the updated (c) openigloo kitchen and bathroom in the (c) openigloo unit and air conditioner units (c) openigloo in the bedrooms. The regular (c) openigloo cleaning of the common areas (c) openigloo such as the hallways, stairs, (c) openigloo and ground floor is top (c) openigloo notch. Garbage maintenance is spot (c) openigloo on — thank you to (c) openigloo the staff and cleaning crew! I (c) openigloo wasn’t here during the winter (c) openigloo when heat was needed but (c) openigloo based on everything else, I’m (c) openigloo assuming the heat should be (c) openigloo fine.
Even on the 5th floor, (c) openigloo you can hear some street (c) openigloo noise but that’s New York (c) openigloo for ya! No nets on windows (c) openigloo so flies and insects can (c) openigloo come in easily.
Advice to owner:
Install full length window nets to prevent insects from coming into the apartments.
Mice from downstairs restaurants
Former Tenant
Beautiful bathroom, updated kitchen, great (c) openigloo lighting
Windows were not insulated (and (c) openigloo they are HUGE, gorgeous but (c) openigloo freezing windows) and we had (c) openigloo mice coming almost constantly from (c) openigloo downstairs
Advice to owner:
Seal apartment floors properly