1290 Madison LLC

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58 Units

Litigation History: No

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60% of renters recommend this building

60% of renters approve of this owner

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95% of renters received their security deposits back
It HAS NOT been reported if this building accepts electronic rent payments.


Great building tbh
Former Tenant
Clean, well maintained. Great super. (c) openigloo Rooms are spacious.
managed by a very corporate (c) openigloo leasing company that will not (c) openigloo negotiate at all. There's also (c) openigloo some tenants that are loud (c) openigloo and disruptive. Have had to (c) openigloo contact police to resolve certain (c) openigloo issues.
Overall good place to live
Former Tenant
Clean building, spacious apartments, friendly (c) openigloo and responsive super, most tenants (c) openigloo are quiet and respectful, in (c) openigloo a convenient location for transit (c) openigloo and groceries.
You can feel and hear (c) openigloo the Metro North train go (c) openigloo by especially if you're in (c) openigloo a west-facing apt, on a (c) openigloo main street so packages can (c) openigloo get stolen, very noisy and (c) openigloo inconsiderate 4th fl tenant, the (c) openigloo property owner is gentrifying the (c) openigloo building so expect rent increases (c) openigloo every year