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Decent Apartment went downhill after covid
Former Tenant
Good location near train; near (c) openigloo lots of good restaurants and (c) openigloo close to prospect park. Also (c) openigloo unit was spacious and had (c) openigloo in unit laundry
Poor management that makes threats (c) openigloo and doesn’t follow city housing (c) openigloo law for stabilized units. Also (c) openigloo huge mice problem
They want you to pay for luxury but don't provide it
Former Tenant
Centrally located, free washer/dryers (that (c) openigloo work most of the time), (c) openigloo absolutely beautiful finishes in the (c) openigloo apartments, a roof deck (dilapidated (c) openigloo in some sections but somewhat (c) openigloo enjoyable), elevator, chill residents.
Management lets everything go to (c) openigloo shit, they don't fix anything. (c) openigloo Having a gym is a (c) openigloo luxury but half the machines (c) openigloo have been broken for over (c) openigloo a year despite resident complaints. (c) openigloo The apartments on the backside (c) openigloo of the building have rampant (c) openigloo pest issues due to poor (c) openigloo waste management practices. People have (c) openigloo left in droves from that (c) openigloo side of the building to (c) openigloo to the unbearable ant, roach, (c) openigloo and mice issues. There is (c) openigloo heat in the building and (c) openigloo it's kept incredibly low in (c) openigloo the winter, the onus is (c) openigloo on you to use a (c) openigloo loud ass PTAC unit (good (c) openigloo bye sleep!) to keep actual (c) openigloo warmth in your apartment. The (c) openigloo unit (when it works) runs (c) openigloo on gas which you pay (c) openigloo for. So if you want (c) openigloo to feel warm in this (c) openigloo building during winter you be (c) openigloo ready to pay for it (c) openigloo despite heat being "included" in (c) openigloo the rent. There's a church (c) openigloo and a dance studio on (c) openigloo the bottom floor also managed (c) openigloo by the same company. Neither (c) openigloo of these spaces have any (c) openigloo sort of sound proofing so (c) openigloo good luck having a quiet (c) openigloo evening or weekend EVER if (c) openigloo you live on the second (c) openigloo or third floors. The noise (c) openigloo from the studio alone shakes (c) openigloo the walls and floors and (c) openigloo can be clearly heard and (c) openigloo felt, often until late at (c) openigloo night (past 10pm). If you (c) openigloo have a baby that need (c) openigloo sleep, sensory issues, or migraines (c) openigloo DO NOT MOVE HERE. Repeated (c) openigloo requests to management to do (c) openigloo something about noise levels have (c) openigloo fallen on deaf ears and (c) openigloo requests to the people managing (c) openigloo the spaces has been met (c) openigloo with apathy, aggression, accusations of (c) openigloo racism, and continued ridiculous amounts (c) openigloo of noise. In addition, families (c) openigloo using the dance studio allow (c) openigloo their children to terrorize the (c) openigloo building. The kids hang out (c) openigloo in the gym and leave (c) openigloo it an absolute wreck, they (c) openigloo leave food everywhere, and they (c) openigloo run screaming up and down (c) openigloo hallways and stairwells. Literally no (c) openigloo one would care if there (c) openigloo were children in the building (c) openigloo if they weren't tearing it (c) openigloo up and screaming. Management does (c) openigloo absolutely nothing to stop this. (c) openigloo In general building ceilings and (c) openigloo hall-adjacent walls are thin. You (c) openigloo will hear every step your (c) openigloo upstairs neighbor takes, everything they (c) openigloo drop and best of luck (c) openigloo if they have a treadmill (c) openigloo up there (it's the worst). (c) openigloo From your living room/kitchen you (c) openigloo can hear neighbors from the (c) openigloo other end of the hall (c) openigloo as they have conversations in (c) openigloo their inside-voice. Also voices and (c) openigloo pot smoke travel through the (c) openigloo bathroom vents (get hotboxed while (c) openigloo you listen to the couple (c) openigloo upstairs argue, anyone?) Lastly, management does (c) openigloo not have a doorman despite (c) openigloo saying they do and keeping (c) openigloo a desk there for appearances. (c) openigloo While having a doorman is (c) openigloo a luxury and not a (c) openigloo need, if they had one (c) openigloo (as advertised) there would be (c) openigloo someone to keep the kids (c) openigloo out (you know maybe under (c) openigloo the supervision of their parents (c) openigloo where they should be) or (c) openigloo at least well-behaved and less (c) openigloo package theft.
Advice to owner:
Maybe give a crap about the property? Fix things (the roof deck, the furniture on the roof deck, the laundry machines, the gym, the lobby), and keep the building clean by hiring more than the two or three terribly overworked building services people. That might help with the rodent problem. Listen and RESPOND appropriately to the people that rent from you when they are begging you to enforce ethical practices from the businesses that share the space. We have a right to the peace and quiet enjoyment of our homes.
Could Be Better
Former Tenant
Elevator Large kitchen Big bedrooms New appliances Mailroom
Management wasn’t responsive Roach problem
It’s fine for that hotel vibe, I guess
Former Tenant
I lived in a 3 (c) openigloo BR apartment that had in-unit (c) openigloo laundry, dishwasher, and every room (c) openigloo had a PTAC unit that (c) openigloo you control the room temp (c) openigloo with. My room’s PTAC was (c) openigloo quite loud but not unbearable. There (c) openigloo was a large bathroom in (c) openigloo the middle of our unit (c) openigloo that was big enough to (c) openigloo do yoga in (felt oddly (c) openigloo excessive). We had a balcony which (c) openigloo was nice but the view (c) openigloo was of a tall building. (c) openigloo Rooftop access and option to (c) openigloo buy a parking spot. Apparently (c) openigloo there was a ZipCar car (c) openigloo rental service in the basement (c) openigloo but every time I tried (c) openigloo to rent a car they (c) openigloo were spoken for, so not (c) openigloo as convenient as I had (c) openigloo hoped. Building has an elevator (c) openigloo which is nice. Super close (c) openigloo to Prospect Park and somewhat (c) openigloo close to the subway (Q/S (c) openigloo lines). I lived on the (c) openigloo top floor so I can’t (c) openigloo speak to footsteps but didn’t (c) openigloo really hear any neighbors while (c) openigloo living there. Maintenance was pretty (c) openigloo quick to respond when we (c) openigloo needed them. It’s an okay apartment (c) openigloo if you are looking for (c) openigloo something that has a hotel (c) openigloo vibe. Doesn’t have classic NYC/BK (c) openigloo charm but it’s fine.
The windows didn’t let in (c) openigloo a ton of light. There (c) openigloo is a gym but half (c) openigloo of the equipment wasn’t working (c) openigloo when I utilized it. Exterminator (c) openigloo comes monthly but unit still (c) openigloo had ant infestation. The floor layout (c) openigloo from the kitchen to the (c) openigloo living space felt odd but (c) openigloo that’s really nitpicking. Mail room was (c) openigloo hit or miss if mail (c) openigloo people actually put packages in (c) openigloo it - not buildings issue (c) openigloo but just think people should (c) openigloo know.