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Former Tenant
Location. It's rt next to (c) openigloo the F train & in (c) openigloo the center of everything Dimes (c) openigloo Square
Never got my lease signed (c) openigloo by landlord but that's happened (c) openigloo to me before. There have (c) openigloo been break-ins and there is (c) openigloo construction going on constantly. the (c) openigloo owner gave the bldg to (c) openigloo her daughter or something this (c) openigloo last summer and we got (c) openigloo texts and notices saying that (c) openigloo we had to start taking (c) openigloo out our own trash and (c) openigloo recycling. When we kept putting (c) openigloo our trash in the bins (c) openigloo on the ground flr they (c) openigloo removed them. I think someone (c) openigloo called 311 and reported them (c) openigloo cuz it was illegal so (c) openigloo we have 2 trash cans (c) openigloo and a weid box that (c) openigloo is supposed to be for (c) openigloo recycling. if you're green DO (c) openigloo NOT MOVE HERE. they don't (c) openigloo mention at lease negotiation that (c) openigloo energy costs are WAY higher (c) openigloo than other buildings bc of (c) openigloo all the cracks in the (c) openigloo exposed bricks and stuff. I (c) openigloo can hear the wind coming (c) openigloo thru the spaces btwn the (c) openigloo windows and bldg ext facade (c) openigloo during winter and during summer (c) openigloo my ac L E G (c) openigloo I T can't be felt (c) openigloo bc it gets sucked out (c) openigloo thru the same cracks. my (c) openigloo conEd bill was like 200-250 (c) openigloo when I worked from home. (c) openigloo Now that I'm back in-office (c) openigloo it's slightly less than $200 (c) openigloo p/m but i have to (c) openigloo remember to unplug everything n (c) openigloo turn off every light. Oh (c) openigloo and there r cameras everywhere (c) openigloo and they have sound. Landlord (c) openigloo is def suss. When things (c) openigloo changed they didn't tell us (c) openigloo it was her daughter and (c) openigloo her granddaughter that were the (c) openigloo new "property managers" and old (c) openigloo landlord had me make my (c) openigloo checks out to her personal (c) openigloo name even tho the bldg (c) openigloo is owned by her LLC (c) openigloo and I was told to (c) openigloo make out other rent checks (c) openigloo to the LLC...I might break (c) openigloo my lease tbh bc it's (c) openigloo too messy and for about (c) openigloo the same price I can (c) openigloo get something in a building (c) openigloo with walls that don't shake (c) openigloo when contractors use a drill
Advice to owner:
Sell the building if you can't manage it and if there is gonna be long-term construction renters should be told and need rent to be reduced