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60% of renters recommend this building

60% of renters approve of this owner

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95% of renters received their security deposits back
It HAS NOT been reported if this building accepts electronic rent payments.


Not horrible but could be better
Former Tenant
Responsive super - does not (c) openigloo live in the building (although (c) openigloo the OG listing said he (c) openigloo did), responsive landorld/building owner, damaged (c) openigloo things in apartment or building (c) openigloo will be fixed quickly.
Garbage disposal is not frequent (c) openigloo - do not live in (c) openigloo any of the apartments on (c) openigloo the floor of the trash (c) openigloo bins, you will have trash (c) openigloo piling up oustide of your (c) openigloo apartment and the smell is (c) openigloo horrible. Super is not very (c) openigloo helpful if it isn't an (c) openigloo emergency.
Advice to owner:
Find a better option for garbage disposal and be stricter about tenants placing their garbage inside of the bins.