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Nice family building
Former Tenant
Pest Control was very responsive. (c) openigloo Kind staff. Lots of families. (c) openigloo Safe area.
Radiators would break and become (c) openigloo loud and took management multiple (c) openigloo tries to fix.
Great area
Former Tenant
Great People great area to (c) openigloo live
The building owners do not (c) openigloo take care of there plumbing (c) openigloo hot water holding tanks which (c) openigloo causes the hot water to (c) openigloo run for at least 45 (c) openigloo min the color of rust (c) openigloo like brown urinate if you (c) openigloo live in any of the (c) openigloo Southbridge Towers Building in the (c) openigloo downtown Manhattan area 10038 I (c) openigloo would suggest installing a good (c) openigloo drinking water filter such as (c) openigloo an RO filter the management (c) openigloo team is constantly functioning in (c) openigloo the red and the cost (c) openigloo of the mismanagement is bringing (c) openigloo up the Mantnance but only (c) openigloo to the individuals in the (c) openigloo development who can afford it (c) openigloo by bring up the cost (c) openigloo of all the amenities such (c) openigloo as Parking, storage, & renting (c) openigloo gathering areas some and not (c) openigloo all had to pay an (c) openigloo additional 5000.00 + in Maintnance (c) openigloo because of the mismanagement
Advice to owner:
Stop mismanaging the property your going to bankrupt the Southbridge Towers development and every tenant should be subject to pay there fair share. The biggest problem is management taking orders from politically picked representative of the development these individuals don’t have the best interest of the people or individuals in the development just bending the rules for themselves to make money or just represent 1/4 of the development