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Lovely neighborhood in LES
Former Tenant
low rise building, only three (c) openigloo apartments in this building - (c) openigloo location is great and quiet, (c) openigloo close to subway and groceries (c) openigloo / chinatown
only con is the walk (c) openigloo up, but it’s not that (c) openigloo terrible either - heating is (c) openigloo central heating so it gets (c) openigloo too hot and you can’t (c) openigloo control it in the winter
Nice little complex, mostly owners
Former Tenant
Most people own their units, (c) openigloo so care for the place (c) openigloo and each other Rent from (c) openigloo an actual person! Very very quiet Optional (c) openigloo monthly exterminator visits Private courtyard Steps from (c) openigloo East River
Heat is terrible - have (c) openigloo to use space heaters all (c) openigloo winter so it's not really (c) openigloo accurate that HHW is included (c) openigloo - coned bills are high. PM (c) openigloo company never gave me back (c) openigloo my move in deposit despite (c) openigloo the LL asking repeatedly Condo board (c) openigloo won't allow renters into the (c) openigloo parking lottery Intercom system always broken
Advice to owner:
Fix the heat :)
Great pre war apt building
Former Tenant
Super charming apartment building with (c) openigloo excellent staff. Courtyard facing apartments (c) openigloo are very quiet
Had 1-2 roaches per year
Nice building out of the way
Former Tenant
Quiet, close to nice neighborhoods
Heat is too hot